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What Are Coffee Pods?

What Are Coffee Pods?

One cup coffee makers or single serve coffee machines, have become popular recently and they use a coffee capsule but people often refer to them as ‘pods’. This type of coffee ‘pod’ is packed in a small plastic or aluminum container and not a paper filter, as was the original coffee pod. Coffee pods are generally designed to be used with a certain brand or system of coffee maker and are usually not interchangeable with other brands.

The one cup coffee pod is designed for one time use. Once it is placed into the single serve coffee machine, the machine forces heated water through the capsule and the hot beverage is dispensed into the cup. The single serve coffee maker is quick, easy and convenient to use. The coffee pod is easily removed and disposed of after use, with no messy cleanup. Coffee capsules produce a consistent product with regards to strength and flavor, so you know what to expect with each cup. Manufacturers have become very creative and there are many different flavored drinks available, not just coffee. Consumers can enjoy not only various coffees but also chocolate and numerous other flavors.

The one cup coffee machine is ideal for a single person as it avoids making a pot of coffee just for one. They are also a good idea for a household or office where a number of people enjoy a variety of hot drinks. Each person can choose their favorite beverage and have it dispensed easily and quickly.

You may be tied to buying one particular brand of coffee pod and they usually work out more expensive on a per cup basis than buying fresh coffee beans. Having said that, the single cup coffee maker is a convenient and time saving machine which offers a variety of drink options.

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