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Types of Coffee Makers

There are many types of coffee makers and depending on which country you live in, some types are more popular than others. For example, in the United States the drip coffee maker is one of the most popular coffee makers. Other popular coffee makers are the espresso coffee machines, the French press and more recently, the single serve coffee maker. Each type of coffee maker offers a different way for brewing your coffee and your choice will depend on your personal taste, needs and budget.

Drip Coffee Maker

The drip coffee maker is probably the most popular method of brewing coffee. You will need a drip coffee maker and medium to coarse ground coffee. The ground coffee is placed into a filter basket and water is placed into the water container. Once the machine is plugged in and turned on, the water will heat to a certain temperature and filter through the ground coffee and into a jug which sits on a hot plate to keep the coffee hot. Important factors that influence the taste of your coffee are the water temperature and length of time it takes for the coffee to brew. The amount of water, coffee used and also the coarseness of the ground coffee will affect the taste. Coffee can be ground fine, medium or coarse and different brewing methods need different coarseness of ground coffee beans. Once the coffee has brewed, the taste can spoil if left on the hot plate for too long. Some drip coffee makers offer a thermal carafe as an alternative to the jug and hot plate. A thermal carafe is designed to keep the coffee hot for a few hours and prevents the coffee from getting spoiled by the direct heat from a hot plate. Drip coffee makers range in price to suit most people’s budget. There are many different brands of drip coffee makers and some are rated better than others by customers. To check out some of the best rated drip coffee makers click here.

Espresso Coffee Makers

Espresso coffee machines tend to be more expensive than drip coffee makers. Espresso coffee makers are found in restaurants and coffee shops and in the homes of coffee connoisseurs. Automatic espresso machines grind the coffee beans immediately before making the espresso. One shot of espresso coffee is made on demand. Similar to the drip coffee maker, water is held in a reservoir and heated to a certain temperature but instead of dripping through the ground coffee it is injected through the coffee grinds at high pressure to ensure maximum flavor extraction.

The Espresso coffee maker brews strong, flavorful coffee in small quantities. An espresso coffee also has a tan colored layer, called the ‘crema’, on top of the darker espresso below. Some espresso coffee makers have a steam wand which is used to heat and froth milk. This enables the user to make popular coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccino.

Single Cup Coffee Makers

The single cup coffee makers, or one cup coffee makers, are relatively new to the coffee market and are becoming ever more popular. This type of coffee maker uses a coffee ‘pod’ which consists of ground coffee inside a plastic container lined with filter paper and sealed with foil. The ‘pod’ is placed in the machine and the coffee maker automatically breaks through the foil. The single cup coffee maker heats the water to almost boiling point then forces it at high pressure through the coffee ‘pod’ straight into the cup.

There are many different flavored ‘pods’ available enabling you to brew different flavors of coffee, tea or chocolate on demand. These coffee makers are ideal for people who like to brew a variety of drinks. They are easy to use with no mess and make a hot drink on demand. Single cup coffee makers generally have their own recommended brand of ‘pod’ which should be used with that particular brand of coffee machine.

French Press Coffee Maker

The French press coffee maker is simple to use. Ground coffee is scooped into the french press and hot water which has been heated in a kettle or similar item, is poured on top of the ground coffee. The plunger is depressed after a few minutes, pushing the coffee grounds to the bottom of the french press. The coffee is then ready to be poured into the coffee cups. The taste of the coffee is determined by how fine or coarse the coffee beans are ground and the temperature of the water.

The French press coffee maker is easy and quick to use and you can experiment with different types of coffee beans and different grinds.


There are other types of coffee makers but these are some of the most popular types.

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