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Cappuccino – How To Make This Rich, Dark Coffee

Cappuccino - How To Make This Rich, Dark Coffee

Cappuccino is one of the best loved coffee drinks and some people find it hard to start their day without one.

Cappuccino is a rich, dark coffee whose recipe originated in Italy. The name cappuccino actually comes from its color, which resembles the color of the robes worn by the Capuchin friars.  It was first introduced in the 17th century.

Cappuccino  is made with equal parts of espresso coffee, steamed milk and foamed milk.  The milk sits on top of the espresso and the foam rests on top of the steamed milk.  The foam is sometimes decorated with artistic drawings made with the same milk.  This is called latte art.  People often sprinkle chocolate powder on top or cinnamon or nutmeg.

Start With Good Espresso

To make a good cappuccino you have to start by buying good fresh coffee beans.  You will need enough ground coffee to make 1 ounce of espresso.  An automatic espresso maker will grind the beans and deliver a shot of espresso coffee, which should have a nice golden-brown layer on the top, which is called the ‘crema’.  Before brewing the shot, it is a good idea to warm the cup so that the coffee does not cool down too quickly.

Making the Froth

After making the shot of espresso, the next most important factor is the temperature and texture of the milk.  The foam is made by introducing  tiny bubbles of air into the milk.  This gives the milk a velvety texture.  It is important to get the correct ratio of foam while steaming the milk and this can take a little practice.

Most espresso machines have a ‘wand’ which is used to steam and froth milk.  After delivering the espresso, the machine will need to heat the water to a much higher temperature in order to steam the milk.  This usually involves pressing a ‘steam’ button and waiting for the light to indicate when it is ready to steam.  The milk should be placed in a small jug and the wand inserted into the milk.  A dial is turned and the steam will start to heat and froth the milk.  The steamed milk and froth is then poured on top of the espresso and the cappuccino is ready.

If you don’t have an espresso machine and steamer, you can still make a good cappuccino at home.  You should brew a strong coffee in your coffee maker, in the usual way.  Non-fat or 2% milk can be put in a clean jam jar and after replacing the lid tightly, you should shake the milk for about a minute until it has foamed and doubled in size. The foamed milk can then be heated in a microwave before pouring on top of the shot of hot coffee.


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